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Why eseely

eseely is a Link Management Platform that lets you harness the power of the link by allowing you to easily shorten, share, manage and analyze your links. It can be useful to create branded URLs and enhance your brand visibility.

When you optimize links with our link management platform, you can measure each touchpoint in one place, making it easy to build for the needs of your customers and internal teams alike.

Powerful Features for Your Links


Managing links

Create, protect and delete your links and monitor them with detailed statistics.


Folder link

Organize your Folders with easy share access along with your team or other users.


Archives link

Archive your links instead of deleting them permanently for
future use.

Favourites link

Bookmark your desired links in your favorite list to identify and promote

Folder Management

Organize and keep track of all your links in separate folders for easy management of every link in your dashboard. It helps for easy identification of links and enhances productivity.

You can invite additional users and share your folder with advanced organizing methodologies to keep track of every link and analyze them with detailed statistics. It can organize all your links with enhanced functionalities for a powerful branding experience.

Team Management

Collaborate and integrate your team with invite features for increased productivity and enhanced outcome of your business. Our link management platform can help to co-ordinate everyone's task with just a few clicks. You can turn all your links to real words that can engage the audience for your brand.

A cohesive team can easily create, share and manage every link in a single platform with the most flexible features to empower their brand.

Connect eseely to the tools you already use

UTM Builder

We offer UTM builders to easily use them in your custom short links for an effective branding strategy. Ensure to choose powerful names that track the information about your website resources.

And also ensure to use tags in a standard format that can aggregate your results accurately without any random analysis. Drive all your short links to improve your brand integrity with seamless integrations.


Tags can preferably organize the contents and engage the audiences for effective online branding. It can provide details about specific information and makes the links to be easily identifiable.

It helps in locating the related links and makes the tasks easier. It can engage more users when shared with accurate keywords and enhances brand recognition.

Tailored To Your Organization's Specific Needs


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